Gothic 2 Welcom Back (fanmade remake areas)

This little work that I created was created in honor of the game series Gothic by Piranha Bytes and its part Gothic 2. Gothic was one of those games, I would say the main game, which led me to the creation of 3D objects, level design, etc. The entire Khorinis and Monastery were created in Unreal Engine 4 from assets from the asset store and Gothic itself.
The original plan was to incorporate a playable character + a few quests, and then create a playable „demo“, but unfortunately through hardware shortcomings I was glad that I was able to get it to this level and convey at least smoother videos.

YouTube speed level design in Unreal Engine 4
I have been enjoying level design as such for a long time, so I once decided that I could randomly share my ideas in „speed“ videos + a short sequence on youtube. I don’t produce these creations regularly, as I don’t always have time for my hobby.
Along with these fabrications, I will create a collage of photos, which I then share on my instagram ( /filipfajfa ).

Next projects?
Let yourself be surprised. 🙂